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We pride ourselves on bringing together like-minded people  AND SUPPORTING THEM TO TAKE PART IN an international movement THROUGH LOCAL CONNECTIONS.

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Community Building 


At the heart of all Fo_ chapters is community building! Building a community means bringing together people that share a common belief. For us, this is about networking with other feminist allies, and creating links with other like-minded groups in local areas. 

start a chapter

Feminists of_ chapters are set up by ordinary people who share our vision that feminism is for everybody. If you are interested in starting a chapter where you are, find out more below:

join a chapter

Feminists of_ chapters have been created across the U.K. and overseas. If you'd like to join one of our existing chapters, find out more below:


Feminists of_ is run entirely by a team of volunteers. We are always looking for people to join the team. If you want get involved, we want to hear from you:

Community Organising 


Community organising is a powerful way for our chapters to drive our movement forward. We’re talking about social meet-ups, campaigns, fundraising, networking, or anything else that helps us achieve our goals!

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