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Use Your Voice: Freedom for Iran

Updated: Jul 19

#MahsaAmini #IranianRevolution

Join the Use Your Voice campaign in solidarity and action with the people of Iran. Unite and demand justice for Mahsa Amini and the many other victims of the Islamic Republic’s regime.

More on how to take part below:

On September 16th, powerful protesting began in Iran and around the world against the Islamic Republic (the Iranian authorities) in a movement that was started and led by women and girls. It was sparked by the arrest and murder of 22 year old Mahsa Amini on September 16th whilst in police custody for allegedly not wearing her hijab properly. Her death ignited women, girls, and the people of Iran to fight for freedom of expression and to unite against injustice, misogyny, and violence. A month on, international protests and outrage have followed with thousands of ordinary people around the world raising their voices in solidarity with the people of Iran and expressing their condemnation of Iran’s violent suppression of protests.

Since then, the Iranian authorities are violently trying to end the largely peaceful protests by firing live ammunition, using unlawful force, torture, and mass arresting people including children. Iranian authorities are threatening family members of protesters and victims and disrupting internet access all in an effort to hide their crimes from the world.

But the world is watching. The public opinion of what Iran does to its own people is a powerful tool to provide solidarity for people in Iran and to demand accountability. You can do a lot to ensure the voices of Iranian people are heard.

Here's how you can help:

If you have 1 minute:

  • Like and share news stories about what's happening in Iran.

  • Share this post across your network to call on people to take action now and use the #MahsaAmini hashtag. Share on Twitter here, LinkedIn here, and Instagram here.

If you have 5 minutes:

If you have 15 minutes:

  • Write to your government representative and demand that they speak out on human rights violations happening inside Iran. Find your MP here and use the template below to write them. This is a powerful way to pressure Parliament to act.

TEMPLATE Letter To MPs on Iran Protests
Download DOCX • 9KB

If you have a day:

  • Attend and/or organise demonstrations outside of the Iranian Embassy where you are or in your city/town square. Let Iran know that their abuses will not go unpunished. Use the comments on our social platforms to connect with protestors near you.

We aren't free until we're all free. The people of Iran are fighting for their human rights and we must unite with them in solidarity and action.

Join us.

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