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Feminism Is For Everybody

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Gender equality isn’t just good for women. It also saves men’s lives - Liz Plank


For community to be diverse and inclusive, then feminism must include people of all genders and identities. We believe that feminism – the push for gender equality – serves everyone, not just women and girls.

Gender equality is a force for good, and helps people of any gender to grow and thrive in a place of psychological and physical safety. It is also a catalyst for a much kinder, more accepting society, where differences are valued. If gender equality is the norm, then people are much more likely to feel free to be themselves and to get the best out of life.

Gender equality benefits absolutely everyone. It means that generations of children to come can grow up feeling safe and loved, and able to be who they are without the threat of violence or recrimination. It also means that we are more likely to be able to dismantle harmful or unhelpful stereotypes – which can often be ingrained in children from a young age.

Feminism is sometimes seen as a cause relating to women and girls – for women’s rights. However, we believe that a feminist approach acts as the foundation for gender equality for absolutely all genders, including men and non-binary folks too. Anything that can tear down patriarchal structures and hierarchies, which are rigid and limiting, we believe is absolutely a good thing.

The last 18 months or so have shown that we need to talk about our mental health and wellbeing needs. Ideas of toxic masculinity – where men and boys are taught not to show emotion, to ‘man up’ and deal with things in silence, to keep up a front of toughness and aggression – are finally being challenged. The huge issues around men’s mental health, highlighted in suicide prevention campaigns such as Movember and International Men’s Day, show that we still have a long way to go. But a feminist approach can help with this too – as it aims to dismantle these stereotypes and show that other ways of being are possible.

We are working to grow our network, and to embrace like-minded people in the movement for gender equality. Pushing forward this agenda means building local, grassroots communities because the power of local connections drives global change. To anyone who wants to be involved in the fight for gender equality, everyone is welcome here.

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