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Our story_

In the wake of the public outcry in regards to violence against women in March 2021, we hosted a virtual vigil for any woman who had ever felt unsafe and for anyone who wanted to stand in solidarity against gender based violence


As a result, they set out to build a community which centred on creating a sense of belonging for anyone who was a feminist

Our founders, Sophie Fresco and Jo Atkins-Potts, connected in the height of the pandemic

The Fo_ movement grew rapidly with hundreds of people getting involved. It was clear that spaces which brought like-minded people together were needed

As a result, chapters of Feminists of_ were established across the U.K. and across the globe. Our network continues to grow as does the scope of this movement

The pair were frustrated with the lack of community in the feminist space and united by their belief in equality and community

This vigil, which was intended to create a space for members of our community to come together, grew rapidly and ended up being shared with thousands of people across the U.K.

Get involved to join the movement and help shape Feminists of_

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