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Feminists of  London_

Feminists of London is the London-based chapter of the Feminists of_ network. FoL aims to make feminism more accessible and rooted in the everyday, and currently focuses on community-based socialising and learning.

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Chapter Leader: ___________

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News and events_

Previous events include:

  • Starting a FoL book club

  • Informal pub socials

  • Going to see Deborah Frances-White: The Guilty Feminist Stands up 

  • Going to the Shameless! Festival of Activism against Sexual Violence

  • Going to the Grrrl Zine Fair where Feminists of_ curated and hosted the keynote and panel talks!

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Plans moving forwards:

We are planning on creating a buddy system for our chapter members, so everyone is connected with someone they don’t know and feels more comfortable when coming along to events!

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