Who we are?

Feminists of_ is a growing grassroots network and movement that is driven by the belief that feminism is for everyone. By this, we mean that feminism is better for all people, regardless of their gender or background.

For the future to be equal, it must be intersectional, anti-racist, and inclusive of all genders.

We believe that community is key to sustainable change and people are key to community.

The Fo_ international network is organised into chapters (community groups) who are run by ordinary people who are committed to driving change locally. At their heart, these chapters are inclusive and empowering spaces that bring every-day, like-minded people together to build community. 


As an organisation, we also build campaigns that invite people across our network to create positive social impact by connecting, advocating and taking action.

OUR Values

We can’t discuss feminism without also addressing how different elements of our identity, such as our race, can combine to intensify our experiences and oppression as individuals. We are all experiencing the same oppressive systems, but we aren’t all equally experiencing them.

We aim to empower the individuals within our communities. We believe that doing so will help to improve people’s wellbeing and confidence, as well as inspire connection and ultimately drive change.

Community is at our heart. We believe that community has the strength to change the world. As a result, we encourage people to get involved in their local area and take part in a powerful movement for equality.

Through creating spaces where people’s differences are welcomed and valued, we aim to provide everyone in our community with a sense of belonging. To us, inclusivity is about welcoming, including and advancing people in all of their vibrancy.

We are all working towards a common goal: gender equality. We believe that cooperating and contributing together is the only way to achieve it.

Feminists of_ and all of our chapters are firmly underpinned by our five key values: intersectionality, community, empowerment, collaboration and inclusivity. 

our movement is open to everyone who identifies as a feminist:

all genders.


Feminists of_ is run solely by volunteers who are passionate about connecting feminists and building communities for like-minded people to connect.


Our volunteers are what keep us running. The time, passion

and skills they offer us are invaluable and the reason

we are able to grow the movement. 


If you are interested in volunteering with us, check out our current

vacancies by clicking here.